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How to Create Templates Out of Existing Pages

Learn how to turn an existing page in a database into a template.

If you have a custom page layout inside a database, how can you turn that page layout into a new database template?

In this article, I’ll show you exactly how to do that.


Here are the quick steps to accomplish this:

  1. Ensure your database is unlocked - How to Unlock Notion Databases.
  1. Create a new database template and give it a unique name
  1. Duplicate your customized page within your database
  1. Use the Move To option to move your duplicated page into the newly-created database template
  1. Edit your database template to view its page content
  1. Right-click the moved page duplicate and use Turn Into to turn it into a Heading 1
  1. Your page content will now be right inside the template, with any multi-column layout choices preserved. Delete the actual Heading 1 block.
  1. In each Linked Database, update any filters that pointed to the original database page so that they point to the new template instead.

Full Video Tutorial

Check out this 7-minute video to see the exact steps for turning a page into a database template.
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