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How to Unlock Notion Databases

Learn how to unlock Notion databases so you can make changes to properties.

Databases in our templates are locked by default in order to prevent unwanted/accidental changes.

If you’d like to edit a template, make changes to properties, or even delete properties, you’ll need to first unlock the database you’d like to change.

Follow these steps to unlock your database.


  1. Navigate to your database (open it as a full page if it is displayed inline on another page).
  1. Click the Locked button at the top of the page to unlock the database.
  1. Make changes as needed, then hit Re-Lock in order to prevent future accidental/unwanted changes to your template.

Full Explanation (With Screenshots)

First, open any page in the database you want to edit:

Notion image

Click open as page:

Notion image

This will give you a direct link to your database via the breadcrumbs at the top of the page. Click on the database link to access it.

Notion image

Click the gray Locked button at the top of the page in order to unlock the database and enable editing:

Notion image

Once you’ve finished making edits, I recommend re-locking the database to prevent any future accidental changes. This is especially important if other people have access to your template.

Notion image

If you don’t see the Re-lock button, simply click the three-dot menu in the top-right corner of the page and choose Lock Database.

Notion image

Database Locations

You can also navigate directly to your databases, rather than utilizing the breadcrumbs of a page within a database.

Here are the locations of your databases:

Ultimate Brain and Ultimate Brain+Creator’s Companion Bundle

In Ultimate Brain and the UB+CC bundle edition, you’ll find all databases in a toggled called Brain at the bottom of the Archive page. You can access them from the toggle itself, or from the Sidebar by toggling open the Archive page.

Notion image

Creator’s Companion (Base and Ultimate Tasks Editions)

You’ll find the Master Content Tracker at the bottom of the main Creator’s Companion Dashboard, inside a toggle called The Brain:

Notion image

Some databases are displayed prominently in their main locations:

  • My Channels is shown right on the Creator’s Companion main page
  • Keywords and Research are shown on the SEO & Research View page
  • Audience Submissions is found at the bottom of the Content Ideas page.
  • Sponsors is a full-page database found in the Content Knowledgebase section of the Creator’s Companion main page

If you’re using the Ultimate Tasks edition of Creator’s Companion, you’ll find your All Tasks database inside the Views toggle of the main Ultimate Tasks page:

Notion image

Finally, you’ll find the Projects and Daily Tasks databases directly on the Ultimate Tasks main page as inline databases.

To access the Lock/Unlock options for an inline database (My Channels, Keywords, Research, Audience Submissions), first open the database as a full page:

Notion image

You’ll then see all the options you need.

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