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How To Backup Your Templates

Learn how to fully backup your Notion templates.

In this video, Alex describes the process of backing up a Notion template. The example shown is Ultimate Brain, but this process is the same for the rest of our products.

Video Version


Written Version

Make sure you backup your entire template from the very top-level page during this process, otherwise you might end up with duplicated database relations that will need cleaning up.

1. Create a Template Backups page

This will give you a central location to store the backups you create.

From your sidebar, click the + button to the right of your Private section heading and name the new page Template Backups.

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2. Locate the main page for the template you wish to backup

This will be the main Ultimate Brain, Creator’s Companion, etc. page.

If you didn’t move the template after originally duplicating it into your workspace, it will still be in the Private section of your sidebar.

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If you’ve moved the template to a sub-page, navigate to the main Ultimate Brain/Creator’s Companion/etc. page and then use the breadcrumb navigation at the top of the page to jump up one level. Locate the sub-page link to Ultimate Brain/Creator’s Companion/etc. on this page.

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2. Duplicate the top-level template page

Right-click the top-level template page and select Duplicate. This will create a new version of the template titled [Template Name] (1). Note that this may take some time depending on the amount of content in the template.

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Right click the duplicated version, select Rename, and rename it to [Template Name] @Today.

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3. Move the duplicated version to your Template Backups page

Right-click the duplicated template again and select the Move to option. From here, search for the Template Backups page you created and select it. The template will be moved to the bottom of that page.

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4. Archive the duplicated page

This step “archives” the template in the trash, but don’t worry, the template is not permanently deleted and is easily restored! Archiving in the trash means the pages and databases in the backup will be excluded from Notion’s search.

From the Templates Backup page, right-click the backup and select Copy link. Directly below the backup paste that link and select Link to page.

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From here, right-click the original backup and select Delete. This will archive the template in the trash and leave the Link to page.

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5. Restoring an archived template

Locate the Link to page for the template you wish to restore and click on it. This will open the archived template in the trash with the red banner along the top. Select the Restore page option. From here, click the Template Backups breadcrumb in the top left. The restored template will be found at the bottom of the page. You can then delete the Link to page.

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