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How To Get The Best Support

Discover the best methods & practices for getting the most out of our support experience.

Hey there, welcome to our community! In this article, you’ll learn when, how, and where to ask questions to ensure they’re answered quickly and comprehensively. We’re happy to answer any and all questions you may have, but if you follow the tips below, the chances of getting a good answer fast will definitely increase. Thanks!

Look for previously answered questions

We have a Support Center that’s constantly being worked on. It already contains a bunch of useful support articles & videos, where we answer the most common questions. We’re adding new articles there every week, so do check it out before asking in Circle. (There’s a handy search bar at the top!).

Our support center is at
Our support center is at
The search feature at the top of our Circle community is pretty useful
The search feature at the top of our Circle community is pretty useful

Additionally, you can always search directly in Circle, and see if anyone asked a similar question before. While the search feature is not extremely powerful, often it might dig up some older question that might turn out to be the same as the one you have. If you find a previous answer that only partially helps, do ping me in a comment below that post (@Alex Antoszek), and I’ll gladly help.

Lastly, I’ll mention that Notion’s own help center contains lots of very well-written, in-depth articles and videos, and so if you’re stuck with a particular Notion feature (rather than an element of Ultimate Brain), do search there before asking in our community.

Notion’s help center is available at
Notion’s help center is available at

I want to ask a question

If you’re confident that your question is a unique one, the feel free to ask away! In our Circle community, we have a dedicated 🤔 Support channel that is the best place to ask questions. Keep in mind that there are separate channels for every template (Ultimate Brain, Creator’s Companion, The UB+CC Bundle)—please ask your questions in the appropriate channel, it will be easier for us to triage and answer.

We aim to answer every question within 24 hours (during the working week), but occasionally, if a question is more demanding and requires a longer response (a video, for example), it might take us a bit more time to answer. In general, if you see that someone from our team has “Liked” your post, that means it was seen, triaged, and is awaiting a response. Typically, it will happen simultaneously with the answer, but every so often, there might be a longer time gap between that.

When asking, try to be as clear and comprehensive in describing your problem as possible. It’s good to include a screenshot or two. Both Windows & Mac have built in screenshot tools.

If your problem is rather complex, a Loom video will be super helpful.


My answer is incomplete/contains errors/I don’t understand it

We’re all human, and so we make mistakes. If an answer you received is incomplete, or you don’t understand it, please do reply and point that out! You can always @-mention us (preferably me, @Alex Antoszek), and we’ll gladly follow up with you to make sure everything is 100% clear.

Moreover, if you see a better solution, please do correct us! While we are Notion experts very proficient with the tool, we do forget stuff 😁 No worries about sounding corrective.


I posted a question/comment, but I never received an answer

If three working days have passed, and there still isn’t a reply from us, please do ping us once again! Our support tracking system is still in progress, and so occasionally me might lose a comment here and there. Even if we won’t be able to answer straight away, a reminder will help us prioritize your comment in our internal system, to make sure it doesn’t get lost again.


Thomas’s participation

While Thomas is still active here, he’s now back at producing new content (something I suppose we’re all looking forward to), and so he’s checking the space less frequently. If there’s any question that will require direct input, I’ll relay that to him manually through our internal systems.

To get direct access, I highly recommend checking out the Tom’s Brain space, which features monthly live calls with Thomas.


I’d like to get help live

We’re thinking of setting up a separate, paid consulting offering that would include a live consulting/troubleshooting session with me and other team members in the future. While that’s still in progress, do let us know if you’re interested.


I have feedback about the support experience

If you have any sort of feedback about the support experience (and our templates in general), please do let us know! You are welcome to DM me here on Circle, or email me. We’re always keen on improving things where that’s possible.

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