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Ultimate Brain 2.0 - Frequently Asked Questions

All the answers about Ultimate Brain 2.0, upgrading, moving, and everything else.

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General questions

What was released?

We released a refreshed version of our flagship Notion template, Ultimate Brain. We also rolled out the upgrades to the Ultimate Brain + Creator's Companion Bundle.

When was this released?

The upgraded templates were released to new customers on October 25th, 2023, and upgrade guides for existing customers were made available on November 16th, 2023.

Do I need to do anything?

If you duplicated the template to your workspace after October 25th, you’re already on the latest version. If you duplicated earlier, you can upgrade using our guides (more info below).

The new version has a distinct new icon set. If your main page looks like this, you’re on the latest version:

The new Ultimate Brain. If this is what you have, you’re on the latest version already.
The new Ultimate Brain. If this is what you have, you’re on the latest version already.

However, if your UB has emojis instead of blue icons, you are due for an upgrade.

This is the old Ultimate Brain. If your template looks like this, it’s time for an upgrade.
This is the old Ultimate Brain. If your template looks like this, it’s time for an upgrade.
Why do I need to perform the upgrades myself?

Unfortunately, Notion templates don’t really work like traditional software - we can’t “ship” upgrades over-the-air for you. Once you duplicate a template from us, all its components - the databases, pages, layouts and everything else become “yours” - we have no technical way of knowing how you’re using your template, whether you modified it, etc.

Because of this, the only way we can provide updates is through self-service upgrade guides, which do require action from your end. Will note here that we’re still one of the very few Notion template creators actually providing upgrades and support 😉

Does this apply to UB+CC customers?

Yes. Since UB is a major part of the UB+CC Bundle, these upgrades also do apply to UB+CC users.

Since the upgrades are 98% in the UB part of the Bundle, you can follow the same guides for upgrading as UB standalone customers. Grab your new UB+CC template from the link above.

How about Creator's Companion standalone?

Creator's Companion standalone version only received a few visual upgrades, to be more in line with the new design language. You’re free to check out the new Creator's Companion and upgrade, but the CC upgrades are less technical and thus less important to implement.

Do I have to upgrade?

Surely not! Since Ultimate Brain is a system built on top of Notion, you’re already getting all of the Notion updates (security and features) on a regular basis. If the current UB is working well for you, and you don’t have the time to upgrade, no need to do that.


We do recommend applying the updates as they include many new Notion features, and include feedback we received from all of you - making UB a better, easier to navigate system. But in the end, they’re just recommended, not necessary.

Detailed overview of the changes?

Sure thing! Thomas shot a video about What’s New;

Do I need to pay again to get the upgrades?

Nope! These upgrades are included in your initial purchase of Ultimate Brain.


Before upgrading, it’s important to complete a full backup first. Please follow our new guide to complete your backup →
How do I upgrade my old Ultimate Brain?

First and foremost - let’s make sure you’re on the old Ultimate Brain. Old UB uses emojis instead of the blue icons;

If this is how your UB looks like, then feel free to upgrade!
If this is how your UB looks like, then feel free to upgrade!

There are two ways to perform an upgrade.

1 - Data transfer

This involves moving your content (Tasks, Notes, Projects etc.) from the old to the new UB. It’s less time consuming, but also does not port over any modifications. If you’re running a “vanilla” version of Ultimate Brain (with no modifications), you’re safe to use this method.


First, grab a fresh copy of UB from here. (UB+CC link here). Follow the steps here to complete your data transfer →


2 - Manual upgrade implementation

This method is more time-consuming, but it will let you a) preserve all modifications and b) implement the upgrades only partially, if you wish to do so. It will also help you understand the ins and outs of the system better.


For a manual upgrade, follow the steps from this guide →

How do I get support?

Submit your question in our Circle:

Alternatively, for billing and access related issues, and any issue that will require sharing private information, email

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