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How to Restore Deleted Database Properties

If a property was deleted from one of your Notion databases, here’s how to get it back.

If you delete a property in a Notion database, it’s possible to restore that property. Follow these steps to do so.

First, ensure the database is unlocked. Check out this article to learn how to unlock Notion databases: How to Unlock Notion Databases

Once done, open the database’s settings using the three-dot menu in any view. Navigate to the Properties menu:

Notion image

Within Properties, scroll to the very bottom and find Deleted Properties.

Notion image

Within Deleted Properties, you’ll see a small ↩︎ icon next to any properties that have been deleted. Click it to restore the deleted property.

Notion image

Once restored, the property should show up in all its previous locations within your workspace, and property values on individual database records should be restored as well.

After performing this restoration, I recommend re-locking your database! The re-locking process is described near the end of this article: How to Unlock Notion Databases

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