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How To Fix Automation Turning Off Automatically

Learn how to add an error handler in

In some cases, your automation may turn itself off if you haven’t completed any recurring tasks in a few days. In the current setup, that may lead to several errors & the automation turning itself off. To solve this, we can add an Error handler, which is a nifty Make feature that will automatically stop our automation if it fails to find recurring tasks to update.

Step 1

Right-click the Notion Search Objects module (the first in our automation), and click Add error handler

Notion image

Step 2

Now, choose Commit in our error handler module.

Notion image

This setting should stop the scenario whenever it fails to find tasks to update, preventing the error from disabling the scenario.

Note: This specifically applies to the error of returning no search results, as some other kinds of errors might require different processing. But in the case of not returning Notion pages when searching a DB, commit is the right move in this case.
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